Where the Streets are Paved with... Cobblestones!
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4.09-eupdate-6We recently gave you a window on the use of local granite in South Main’s masonry. Well now this abundant on-site material is being applied for the first time to the horizontal dimension in the form of cobblestones—lots of them. A friendly local crew has tackled this unprecedented task, and a sea of stone has been creeping southward along Swift Circle.

Not only is this first cobblestone street aesthetically distinctive, the material is also the most environmentally friendly paver option available. Square-cut granite cobble material would have to be shipped from as far as Germany, while concrete pavers would require significant energy to produce and ship to South Main. These glacially rounded pieces of granite, meanwhile, were moved by pick up 150 yards at most. Come have a look next time you're in the neighborhood!

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