Buena Vista Whitewater Park Improvements
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We're just wrapping up the final whitewater park improvements for the latest Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) Grant. Check out this photo gallery which shows how the stretch of river below the "downtown hole," until now the last feature in the whitewater park, has been modified. Mike Harvey of Recreation Engineering and Planning has managed construction of the Buena Vista Whitewater Park, while Miles Construction has done outstanding job of executing the modifications. We can hardly wait to kayak on these features when the water comes up this spring! Click here to view the gallery on flickr, including captions describing each photo.

Phil Urban, currently managing construction at 800 South Main Street, nabbed the first descent of the modified whitewater park last weekend. Check out his Mountain Buzz trip report:

"The brand new bottom feature, just finished this past week, is a real work of art. From a functional standpoint it has good gradient coming into it so the "green slab" is going to be fast. There's a good drop into a nice sized pool. Its pinched by some beautiful rock work on both banks with 2 large eddies. It has the look and feel of a world class spot. You know its going to be very dynamic as the water comes up. Its a present for us all waiting to be revealed. Included in the boulders shaping the feature are some really nicely sculpted Rio bottom boulders. (One of my fave parts of ELF boating is being down in the guts of the Rio channel and being able to see the water sculpted rocks that we're normally boating over.) The river right bank is steep at that point and with the creative vision of Jed, Mike Harvey and team and the superlative excavator work of Chris Miles and his team there is a beautifully landscaped large rock retaining wall/seating section... Read More...